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Kota – when Francis meets Rempah

200 metres away overlooking the beautiful coast lies a nyonya fusion restaurant called KOTA. Kota Dine & Coffee – When Francis Meets Rempah was named after Captain Francis Light in honouring the founding father of the ... Read More

Fine Dining

Georgetown Wines

Georgetown Wines is a wine bar and restaurant located in a heritage aesthetics old mews nestled within the heritage zone of Georgetown and started operation in 2014. Georgetown Wines aims to deliver great wines, great food, ... Read More


Spoon Café G Hotel

Spoon Café is an all-day dining place in G Hotel Kelawai. To suit the theme of G Hotel Kelawai, “Style… Redefined”, Spoon Café is particular in every aspect from the flooring, lighting, utensils, dining table, and ... Read More


43 Café

Household dining place is not common in Penang due to limited landed house and the owners prefer privacy. It is unique to find this cafe with one side of wall covered by plants located in Sungai ... Read More


Monkeycup Café

Monkeycup Café was opened on 19th June 2014, offering affordable luxury place with coffee brew from Peaberry, and cook good stuff. This cafe mainly serves the local communities and nearby office workers by providing a place ... Read More


The Lightbulb Café

The Lightbulb Cafe is located slightly far away from the heritage core area and surrounded by offices. Their target market is office workers, and this is the reason their coffee brew from dark roasted bean is ... Read More


Tavern in the Park

Founded in September 2015, Tavern in the Park is run by a couple, their son and father. Steven, the father of Adrian, is 68 years old. He was the person maintaining the Hin Bus Depot. Adrian ... Read More


Macallum Connoisseurs

Macallum Connoisseurs gains a lot of attention since the opening in early 2015 with many attractive food photos spreading around Facebook and Instagram. This cafe can be easily seen just beside Lim Chong Eu Expressway. Since ... Read More


The Twelve Cups

This is a café started operation in 2012 and renovated in 2015. Why The Twelve Cups? According to the team, they believe 12 is a meaningful number in their personal experiences. And the address number is ... Read More


The Mugshot Café

The Mugshot Café is nice and very inviting. It is located in the heart of Georgetown adjacent to Rainforest Bakery and can be easily spotted in between Love Lane and Chulia Street. This little cafe is ... Read More

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