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Best of 2015

41 Living Story

41 Living Story is located in the area of Love Lane and is primarily a souvenir shop where visitors can see toys, knick knacks, colourful cards, posters and many more. Actually this place was previously inhabited ... Read More


Gurney Paragon Shopping Mall

Gurney Paragon is a nine storey luxurious shopping mall. This mall is located in Penang and consists of more than 30 restaurants and 40 fashionable boutiques. It has been constructed around the chapel of St. Novitiate ... Read More


Tanjung Bungah Market

Tanjung Bungah Market is a big and affordable street market. This place offers everything. You can spend there entire day and you won’t be bored or disappointed. Many little and various hawkers somehow remind a mall. ... Read More


Cocoa Boutique

Cocoa Boutique is a generous variety chocolate shop in Penang. Apparently Malaysian cocoa is world class and is now a product that is exported worldwide. If you are lucky enough you can watch a man making ... Read More


Vision First Optic

Penang’s prime party venue is also one of its more long-lasting. It’s divided into a salsa club and a restaurant, and is located in The Garage enclave just opposite the E&O. When the heat is turned ... Read More


Sams Batik House

The most widely used today’s summer female clothing is batik. It is colorful, soft, and light and begins to be popular in other countries than in Asia. It is not a secret that Sams Batik House’s ... Read More


Queensbay Mall

Queensbay Mall is a 5 levels building that can be viewed and analyzed in one day. There are a lot of shops, restaurants and two currency exchange houses. If you are hungry go to the basement ... Read More


Little Penang Street Market

Little Penang Street Market has a terrific selection of local handcrafts, old books, and collectables, also has a fantastic cake stall, which according to the owner, you can eat as much as you want and won’t ... Read More


Batu Ferringhi Night Market

For sure Penang visitors want to hang out at nights, not only to sleep. For their convenience this city has a night market – Batu Ferringhi Night Market. This place is opened from 7pm to 1am. ... Read More


Straits Quay Shopping

Every person who stepped in Penang must pass through Straits Quay Shopping. This is international standards complex with affordable prices. Ladies will agree that it can be considered a good attraction that can take a whole ... Read More

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