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43, Jalan Sungai Dua, 11700 Penang, Malaysia

Operating hours:
5:30pm-11pm (Mon-Sun)

Tel: +60111-6480725

Household dining place is not common in Penang due to limited landed house and the owners prefer privacy. It is unique to find this cafe with one side of wall covered by plants located in Sungai Dua Penang (near USM) that is named after the house number 43.

Jacgy, the founder of 43 Café, is a father of a baby son. He used to be an ordinary engineer. However, he was influenced by his lovely wife and started to explore his food journey.

Jacgy has his very own perspective towards his food. He prefers to let his food do the talking instead of using media to promote his cafe. In fact, some celebrities who vouched for the food make this place become very popular.

The operation of 43 Café is managed by Jacgy’s brother while Jacgy focuses on menu creation and development.

Besides main dishes, ice cream is one of the must try items here. The price range is slightly high but it is worth it.

Popular Dishes

Ginger fragrance was strong enough but not too spicy. It had natural sweetness and warmed up the body.

Ginger Tea….RM3

Tomato Plum Juice had no raw veggie flavor as it was balanced by the plum. Quite refreshing. Tomato seeds enhanced the drinking experience.

Tomato Plum Juice….RM4

Telur Pecah is the food that arouses a lot of the Penangites’ childhood memory. The toasted bread doesn’t impress but the egg tasted really good with the right texture and sauce.

Telur Pecah….RM3

The sauce is simple but with thick flavor. Same like sous vide chicken’s sauce, it is cooked from meat and added pepper and himalaya salt. Both taste similar but this one is slightly salter.

Dry Aged Pork Belly….RM32

The sauce is prepared from the meat and added some pepper and Himalaya salt. There is onion slice in the sauce but does not taste spicy or raw, but onion sweet!

Only breast meat is available. But with the cooking method (sous vide) the meat tasted soft and juicy like drumstick.

Sous Vide Chicken…RM22.8

The homemade ice cream served in 43 café is more compact and available in different flavors every day. Jacgyc has more than 100 self-developed ice cream recipe and he has a unique way to taste the ice cream.

Ice cream (Coffee Bailey, Salted Red and Black Dog)

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