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+ Address
125, Jalan Timah, 10150, Georgetown, Penang (Located inside Hin Bus Depot Art)

Operating hours:
11:30am-11pm (Mon-Sun)
12noon – 11pm (Sat-Sun)

Tel: 04-2189394

Founded in September 2015, Tavern in the Park is run by a couple, their son and father.

Steven, the father of Adrian, is 68 years old. He was the person maintaining the Hin Bus Depot. Adrian is a food consultant. With his talent, he created the menu.

Tavern In The Park is located inside Hin Bus Depot, which is quite hidden and hard to be seen by the public. However, it still attracts a lot of visitors with its unique construction.

Steven kept most the original structure and used material with heritage building standard to replace some falling parts.

Now, Hin Bus Depot is having a café and two galleries (one is holding exhibition most of the time, the other one is under construction).

The cafe serves simple beverage and food. The idea to create Tavern In The Park is to allow youngster have a place to enjoy, take photograph with simple drinks and food.

The cafe received huge response after a review of a daily newspaper that had created unexpected buzz in social media.

The environment is excellent but improvement can be made on the small menu and service level. We are looking forward to a better Tavern In The Park in future.

Signature Dishes

This tomato soup has slightly light flavor of spice and herbs. Yet it is refreshing.

Soup of the day (tomatoes)….RM9

The color of the pumpkin soup is quite yellowish and the texture is creamy. The bread has generous amount of garlic.

Soup of the day (pumpkin soup)….RM9

Crostini (Left to Right)
Strawberry & Blueberry
Crostini Strawberry & Blueberry is one of the recommended flavor as it is the only fresh fruity Crostini and really suit the dining environment.

Chicken Pesto
Chicken tasted good but it would be good to have more pesto sauce.

Smoked Salmon
I love the way they served the smoked salmon slice with Japanese cucumber slice. Well match.


Crostini (Left To Right)
Chicken Wasabi Mayo had good combination of light wasabi flavor together with pineapple sweet and salty chicken.

Strong wild mushroom taste.

Sun Dried Tomatoe Cucumber Salsa
The chewy dried tomatoes and crispy cucumber with the salsa sauce really stimulated the appetite.


The homemade chicken patty would have been better if it is more juicy. The french fries were really nice as they went well with three types of dipping sauces; that is, teriyaki, tomatoes and chili sauce.

Chicken Burger (Chicken Hawaiian)….RM17

The burger had strong sweet sour taste, moderately minty but less mango flavor. The burgers were too big to eat in one bite.

Beef Burger (Mango Mint Chutney Burger)….RM22

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