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Food Center

Red Garden Food Paradise

This is a big food market with a lot of restaurants put together. You can get food from all over Asia. There is light entertainment with the cabaret performing at night. The atmosphere is nice and ... Read More

Food Center

Northam Beach Café

Northam Beach Café, also known as The Night Bird Corner, is a good selection of night hawker stalls that offers mostly Thai, Indian and Asian cuisines. There you have the chance to sit by the sea ... Read More

Food Center

Gurney Drive Hawker Center

A short 35 ringgit drive from your Batu Ferringi beach resort will take you to a great hawker center on Gurney Drive. It’s large so there’s lots of food stalls to choose from. At one place, ... Read More

Food Center

New World Park Food Court

New World is a great place to get acquainted with local food. This court is clean, well-decorated and pleasant to sit in. The food is very good and delicious; especially the red beam soup with sweet ... Read More

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