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The Malaysian state of Penang, also known as Negeri Pulau Pinang in Malay, was founded in 1786. As neighbor states there are Kedah in North and East and Perak in south. In West Penang, it is limited by the Malacca Strait.
This city consists of a 285 kilometer square island connected via a 13 km bridge to another 760 kilometer square of the mainland – Seberang Perai. The mainland has a few mega shopping malls and rumbling industrial parks. Penang is highly urbanized and industrialized and is one of the most developed states in the entire country.
The most happening things take place in Georgetown – the capital of Penang. It is located in the northeast tip of the island. Temples, churches and other historical sites are all over Penang. Beside these attractions, Penang offers in the northern areas few beaches that are picturesque and splendid. For alpinists it is important to know that Penang has hills on island. The highest one, Penang Hill, is 821 meters (2700 feet) above sea level.
Penang offers a mixture of different cuisines: Western, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese and Malay. Visiting this city means to try its famous and delicious specialties. Penang means attractions, history, sea, hills and food, everything anyone could only dream of!


Getting to Penang

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Getting around Penang

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Penang Event

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Penang History

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Penang Festivals

Today Penang is an important cultural center. It offers many interesting, original, national and international cultural activities, especially because of its fusion of different nationalities mixed in time. Each year, from January to December locals celebrate ... Read More

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