Find Tanjung Bungah's

Tanjung Bungah Market

Tanjung Bungah Market is a big and affordable street market. This place offers everything. You can spend there entire day

Rabbit Teeth Gourmet

Rabbit Teeth Gourmet is run by the Ung Family. The founder, Mr. Ung Chirtmin used to be a photographer, lecturer

Gusto Café

Gusto Café is one of the few places in Penang that offers food and great coffee before 10am. Make sure

Sri Ananda Bahwan

The place is full of locals. There are several options for food. If you will find the options confusing the

Tsunami Village

Tsunami Village is located in Tanjung Bungah. If you want to take some special pictures at the beach, to enjoy

Passage Thru India

The Passage is located in the heritage area of Georgetown opposite the Cheong fatt tze mansion. The Indian theme of

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