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302 Chulia Street, 10200 George Town, Malaysia

Operating hours:
8am-12am (Mon-Sun)

Tel: +6012-405 6276

The Mugshot Café is nice and very inviting. It is located in the heart of Georgetown adjacent to Rainforest Bakery and can be easily spotted in between Love Lane and Chulia Street. This little cafe is always packed, especially during weekends – a quality sign! Try to avoid weekends or be there early if you prefer a quieter surrounding while enjoying your cuppa espresso.

Jesse Tan, the owner of The Mugshot Café initially studied in business school before persuing his interest in bakery school. In 2001, even before Penang had not been awarded as an UNESCO world heritage site, he opened Rainforest Bakery with his brother in this 3-storey old building which was previously a hotel. In 2003, he went to Europe for a few years.

In 2013, Jesse decides to take his bakery shop to another level. Together with Tristan, he decided to open a café named The Mugshot Cafe.

Opportunity is open to those well prepared for it. With his relevant background, The Mugshot Café has been gaining extremely good response.

A Cafe with Character

The Mugshot Café has strong identity in Georgetown area with their good food (the bagel and fresh yogurt) and the artistic inspired environment.

Most furniture is made of wood fabricated by a friend of Jesse, who has a workshop at the upstairs of the café.

Jesse is open minded, wise, loves to take challenge and tries something new. If you follow their Facebook, this cafe held regular events between cafes and for F&B entrepreneurs. They never stops exploring.

Signature Dishes

Yogurt with Jackfruit & Gula Melaka (left). Jackfruit is cool! The sweetness of Gula Melaka covers the sourness of yogurt and it just tastes like dessert.

Yogurt with Mango & Walnuts (right). Never expect for walnuts to mix well with yogurt. As the mango cube and walnuts are in pieces, you can choose to eat the very original fresh yogurt or eat them together.

Yogurt with Jackfruit & Gula Melaka (left)….RM12
Yogurt with Mango & Walnuts (right)….RM12

The Mugshot does not serve latte art, just simple nice coffee. Their best seller is cappuccino brewed from self-blend coffee beans. The foam is nice, coffee is good. The bitterness in coffee actually goes well with the sourness in yogurt.


This one tastes healthy and delicious, but slightly sour, the orange and yogurt sourness is overpowering.

Mango Orange & Yogurt Smoothie….RM16

Jesse Tan has 14 years of experience in doing bagel, yes, their bagel is a must-try! The bagel with poppy seeds topping matches well with salmon. But salmon itself is less tasty.

Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon Bagel….RM12

This item has good combination of bacon, egg, butter, mayonnaise and bagel in one bite! It is a good idea to make bacon in a scoop shape so that the semi-done egg stays in! You can choose to get muffin instead of bagel.

Bacon & Egg Bagel….RM12

The Mugshot Café uses traditional way to bake the bagel.

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