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36c, Jalan Chow Thye, George Town, 10050 Penang, Malaysia
Operating hours:
9:00am-12midnight (Mon-Sun)

Tel: +6012-209 5536

Monkeycup Café was opened on 19th June 2014, offering affordable luxury place with coffee brew from Peaberry, and cook good stuff. This cafe mainly serves the local communities and nearby office workers by providing a place to relax and enjoy a cup of good coffee and dishes.

This is one of the quality Thai-style café in Malaysia. Thai foods are available in the menu besides western cuisine. Some of the Thai dishes has blended in local ingredients to suit the locals’ pallet.

Monkeycup Cafe has a laid-back atmosphere and the seating arrangement is more private. Most of tables come with 2-4 seating. The 2nd floor is reserved for private event or big group of visitors.

You may park at the roadside in front of the café and you need to display parking ticket. Else, you may park behind the café. There is no parking charge after 6pm.

Signature Dishes

Iced Doicetto is a cup of Thai style coffee from Peaberry. Looks like milk tea but tasted like latte, yet there is complex flavour of slightly sour and salty.

The 20oz of cup size of coffee was chilled with plenty of ice. But it doesn’t dilute the taste, giving you the cold drinking experience and thick flavour.

Besides Iced Doicetto, Ice Green Tea Latte is strongly recommended too. Green Tea Latte is different from Matcha Latte. In Monkeycup, they are using Thai premium green tea leaf with jasmine, served with optimum amount of ice.

Iced Doicetto….RM12.9

The Combo Set is chicken thigh cooked with BBQ sauce and pan fried fish fillets with hollandaise sauce. It has four available sauces to choose for chicken thigh: Teriyaki, mushroom, black pepper, and BBQ. For pan fried fish fillets: Teriyaki, Buttery, and Hollandaise.

Chicken thigh was marinated with lots of herbs creating the savory chicken thigh. Pan fried fish fillet was slightly crusty outside and perfectly flaky inside. There is no salad and mashed potatoes serving as side dishes, but replaced with saute potatoes and fresh veggies.

Combo Set ….RM21.8

Som Tum is a Thai style green papaya salad with fruits. It had a balanced fruity sweet and sour taste and is less spicy. The sauce is interesting and stimulates the appetite.

Som Tum….RM12.5

Phat Thai is a plate of Thai style stirred fried rice noodles, served with raw bean sprout, cucumber, chili powder and blended peanut aside. Do squeeze the lime to enhance the flavor of the dish. It is hot, sweet sour and salty. The rice noodles is slimmer and more chewy compare with normal Malaysia kuey teow.

Phat Thai….RM11.8

Non-baked cheese cake, commonly named as cream cheese

Oreo Cheesecake (front)
Recommended for cheese cake lovers. Compare with the other two flavors, this cheesecake has stronger cheesy taste and creamy texture. And, Oreo sweet!

Green Tea Cheesecake (middle)
Green Tea is not matcha. This cheesecake is made of Thai green tea with jasmine flavor cream cheese mixed with layers of crunchy biscuit.

Tiramisu (back)
We are in loved with the soaked Peaberry espresso sponge cake which has the least cheesy taste.

Cream Cheese

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