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302 Chulia Street, 10200 George Town, Malaysia

Operating hours:
8am-12am (Mon-Sun)

Tel: +6012-405 6276

This is a café started operation in 2012 and renovated in 2015. Why The Twelve Cups? According to the team, they believe 12 is a meaningful number in their personal experiences. And the address number is 12 too.

In the beginning, The Twelve Cups only offer crepe cakes and coffee. Before renovation in 2015, the café was cozy with yellowish lighting. The current interior design adopts the simple lifestyle theme that is more minimal and relaxing.

This cafe is run by a team of young members. The creative menu, interior design and operating concept are the results of numerous discussion and implementation.

The seats facing the view of the street is so nice. However, it is slightly hot in the afternoon time.

Most of the customers are workers from nearby office. Due to the prime location, the café serves a lot of tourists and family groups. Kids love the food here.

Distinct Menu

2015 might be a significant year for The Twelve Cups as they renovated and start offering several main dishes besides crepe cakes and dessert. In the past Christmas, this café offered series of food named Santa Parade and was very well received! According to the team, new year special menu will also be available!

This Red Latte smells like English breakfast milk tea. The taste was slightly sweet as vanilla syrup was added. The Twelve Cups emphasizes on latte art and this is something to look forward to.

Red Latte (100% Rooibos 0% Caffeine)….RM11

Very high acidity coffee with nutty fragrance. In love with the first smell, but the first sip was really awakened! Never expect the sourness to overpower the bitterness.

Espresso (brewed from Degayo roasted beans)

Life of Pi is served with toasted panini topped with smoked salmon, 63 degree egg and hollandaise sauce. We get a little surprise with sesame sauce salad as dried cranberries slices were added. A very joyful choice for breakfast. If you are not feeling to take salmon, you may try Daffy’s Pride, (toasted muffin with smoked duck, 63* egg and hollandaise sauce).

Life of Pi….RM19

There are two highlights in this dish. Firstly, there is a generous portion of various types of mushroom wrapped inside the crepe, covered by the sunny side up. This is like the mushroom army hiding in the castle ready to attack your pallet! Strongly recommended to Shroom lovers! Secondly, the roasted tomato sauce tasted just like tasty baby food.

The Signature Shroom….RM19

The folded pocket crepe is filled with mixed cheese and topped with homemade berry sauce. It is enjoyable eating the whole fresh blue berries where some are fruity sour, some are fruity sweet! This dessert is recommend for berries or cream lovers. If you are neither of them, you may try other flavors as they serve other types of crepe.

Berries On The Cheese….RM16

The Twelve Cups serves food cooked with simple ingredients that everyone is able to prepare at home but, they serve them in elegant style.

The menu is packed with lots of description instead of pictures. According to the team, in March 2016, they will launch a new menu in magazine style with more photos.

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