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57 Jalan Zainal Abidin, 10400 George Town, Malaysia

Operating hours:
8:30am-11pm (Mon-Fri)
12noon – 11pm (Sat-Sun)

Tel: 04-2269721

The Lightbulb Cafe is located slightly far away from the heritage core area and surrounded by offices. Their target market is office workers, and this is the reason their coffee brew from dark roasted bean is popular here. Prices are reasonable, but dishes are less unique.

The owner wants to promote this cafe as a place where creative heads, startup entrepreneurs, and any other sub culture groups can hang and discuss ideas. The interior design is quite laboratory-inspired. The big table size with good number of seatings is ideally for group discussion.

Drinks and Dishes

This café normally serves latte with one shot of espresso. For coffee addicts, you may try it with two shots. Strong espresso flavour makes the drink more tasteful. The Tiramisu fragrance is enjoyable and the taste of espresso is really strong.

Tiramisu Latte….RM11

The chocolate flavor was slightly overpowering the banana taste. This is a simple recipe with rooms for improvement.

Chocolate Banana (Iced Blended)….RM14

From the appearance, the poached egg was not nicely prepared. There was too much hollandise sauce and it was a bit dilute. English muffin was spongy but a bit wet when soaked in the sauce and mixed with failed poached egg yolk.

Egg Benedict….RM16

Rolling in the Light creates imagination with the atmosphere of The Lightbulb. This dish is chicken stuffed with homemade minced meat and herbs. The meat roll tasted really delicious but was slightly dry inside. It would be perfect if the portion for the fat meat was higher.

The mashed potatoes and sauce was really nice. Potato was not fully mashed as you can find potato cubes in there. The small portion mushroom was delicious. Broccoli, however was overcooked and did not wash carefully as bit of sands are found.

Rolling in the Light….RM18

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