Find Bar in area

That Little Wine Bar

If you want French cuisine together with excellent and very good wines then That Little Wine Bar is what you

Kaffa Espresso Bar

Kaffa is located on Green Hall Street near Segi College and right behind is Dewan Sri Pinang’s State Art Gallery.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang

Hard Rock Cafe Penang offers not only American cuisine, but also American décor. The room is decked out in rock’n’roll


Argyle is a bar and restaurant that offers Italian and Indian cuisines. You will definitively enjoy their live music together

Edelweiss Café

Edelweiss Café is a wonderful small restaurant that offers Swiss cuisine in a casual atmosphere.. This is the only place

Guan Guan Café

They offer decent breakfast and a wide range of dishes. The food is tasty. Not too salty, everything is fresh

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