Top 20 Things to Do in Penang for 2013

Immerse yourselves in TSC, an eco-sanctuary with its own identity

TSC is the ideal place for nature lovers with the entire area being implemented environmentally. Mainly recycled materials and organic fertilizer has been used here. A series of canals have been developed by these people that re-route water to the lively land from an adjoining waterfall. This place is not just a garden but many things to do here. You can have a tour guide to explain the background of the garden as well as the commonly used spices. With that understanding, you can also enroll in the award-winning cooking class to learn authentic Malaysian cooking style.

Exploring Georgetown in a greener way

This can be a great way to explore the very best of Georgetown. Within 4 hours, you get introduced to the charming traditional trades, the famous hawker food, artistic murals and popular heritage sites. The well-worn structures, along with the aromas and street sounds give this experience a uniqueness of its own. Metro Bike Easy Green Travel provides all these services.

Learn the authentic way to cook Malaysian cuisine with Nazlina

Instructor Nazlina teaches the art of Malaysian cuisine here. From visiting the morning market and choosing the raw ingredients to sharing the techniques to chop, pound, slice and grind, you can turn out to be an absolute master of Malay cuisine. Besides learning the skills, you also get to know the historical and cultural background of certain food. Private dinner parties are also hosted here.

Take a closer look at a “living museum” for small animals and insects

Close for renovation. Butterfly farm will re-open to public in December 2015.

Penang Butterfly Farm served as a research centre for insect and butterfly breeding since it set up back in 1986. The live discovery sections of the farm provide a great platform for families to take a closer look at the fauna kingdoms like lizards, snakes, beetles, frogs, tarantulas and aquatic creatures. There is a souvenir outlet that sells butterfly and nature related paraphernalia.

Get great fun for kids and parents at the Adventure Zone

This family entertainment venue is designed especially for children and shelters a number of things to do inside. With an area of over 10000 sq ft, the facility includes game zones, exciting drop slides, modular play equipments and birthday party rooms. It guarantees in providing the visitors with a fun time and some memorable moments. There are certain rule and regulations that need to be followed once inside but apart from that, it’s all about fun, fun and more fun.

Go on a boat trip and get an overview of Penang

Blue Whale Cruises trip is a must for first-time visitors, especially children. Under the watchful eyes of Eileen, coupled with her love and care, the children will be at home here. The journey leisurely cruise past Gurney Drive, Tanjung Bungah Mosque, Pulau Tikus, Teluk Bahang villages and Batu Ferringhi. The trip costs RM185/person with 50% need to be paid up-front.

Getting a “fruitful” day

With an area of over 25 acres, Tropical Fruit Farm came into existence in the year 1993 so as to conserve exotic and rare fruit trees. Also, it takes the initiative in educating and promoting this land to the locals and the foreigners alike. Trees are brought from all corners of the world including the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, India and the Caribbean.

Educate yourselves at the national park

Penang National Park is welcomed by nature lovers, researchers and scientists to explore the natural treasures. This place is well-known for harbouring over 143 fauna and 417 flora species. Beside preserving and protecting the fauna and flora, this park has similar objectives for things that hold ethnological, historical, archaeological, scientific, geological and scenic interests. One should not miss swimming in the natural pools over here.

Learn some tea stuff and get a tea-break

The tea selection offered by Huang Chen Hao Tea Art is quite varied that includes the likes of oolong tea, pure tea, green tea and rock tea. It also offers tea accessories that are specially hand-crafted. Traditional tea courses are also offered here, with the teaching staff having undergone training in China’s tea plantations. They have a collection of more than 60 types of quality tea.

Take a hike in Penang Longest Trail

A chartered bus will be dropping you at Chin Farm from where you need to take a road that leads you into a jungle. After that, you get to pass Batu Ferringhi waterfall before heading straight to a fencing area. Here, another dam poses as the next road block where you get to discover the forest topography. To ease things, the entire trail is marked with clues and direction marks.

Taste Whiskies in a cozy and romantic ambience

This place specializes in Single Malt and Single Cask whiskies. Their range of whiskies is sourced from variable of places- from Japan to Scotland, along with their cigars. Here, the ambience is dim and quiet with an exquisite and tasteful design, providing a great platform so hanging out with friends and enjoy some chatting over some fine wine are great things to do here.

Taste the best soy sauce in Penang and learn the process of making it

This soya sauce factory located at the heart of George Town is quite an impressive one. Earlier, products from this factory were exported to countries like East Malaysia and Indonesia and used to employ 25 employees. But it failed to battle with the large scale production for price. Quality wise, it can’t be beaten with lots of love and care put into it. The factory is being run by 3 family members at present.

Pamper yourselves with a soothing massage

This spa specializes in a large number of treatments that include facials, massages, pedicure, manicure, baths and scrubs. The spa impresses everyone with its design and outlook, and appears relaxed, elegant and very clean from every angle. The prices, no doubt are on the higher side but the services that they provide are top-of-the-line with well-groomed and professional masseurs.

Chill out at a beach bistro bar

This amazing beachfront cafe is veiled by the markets with a fun and terrific tropical island ambience. Cocktails flow liberally here with the menu consisting of comfort foods like sardine fried rice, pastas and pizzas. The atmosphere here is not that posh with comfortable mixture of upscale and below average. Gauzy white curtains, Balinese-style divans, paper lanterns, plastic chair and potted plants complete its look.

Get up close in the midst of fireflies

Here, you will be taken on an hour long boat ride along the waters of River Krian when it is absolute dark. The ride also includes getting a glimpse of the sunset and at some point, the boat gets steered near the river bank so that you can get close and personal with the glowing insects.

Follow a tour to have a chance to re-discover Penang

The things you can do in this tour are for you to explore the other side of Penang Island- Malay villages, Snake Temple, the war museum, Pond of Longevity and the Orangutan Island. The guides are knowledgeable and interesting, and the vehicles are modern, well-maintained and comfortable. The tours last for about 3 hours but one will never realize how the time got passed.

Get a panoramic view of the city in a ferry

This ferry service has been providing service since the 1920s and the ferry looks exactly like that of the ones in Hong Kong. The ferries feature two decks- the upper deck for the passengers and lower deck for motor vehicles. You can leave the island for free but have to pay the fare when boarding from the mainland. The pivoting backs on the upper deck can be flipped accordingly so as to allow the passengers to sit front-faced irrespective of the ferry’s direction.

Join the crowd in the frenzy night market

For the foodie, there’s plenty on offer here. Food ranges from Chinese, Indian and Malay to western and vegetarian dishes. You can also find hawkers busy selling clothes, household wares and knick knacks. The market gets jam-packed during the weekends and public holidays. The place is popular among both locals and curious visitors.

Have a chocolate crave in Malaysia’s largest chocolate paradise

Being Malaysia’s biggest chocolate retailer, it boasts more than 300 types of chocolate products. It incorporates the best of practises and technologies and excels in delivering quality and consistency in all of its products. It has something for everyone-fruit chocolates, boxed chocolates, wrapped chocolates and chocolate bars.

Top 20 Things to Do in Penang

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