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Nazlina Spice Station, 71, Stewart Lane, Georgetown, Penang Island, Pinang / Penang 10200

Been to all major attractions in Penang and not knowing what to do next? Take a cooking class instructed by Nazlina and let her show you the right way to cook the authentic Malaysian cuisine. From selecting the raw ingredients in the morning market prior to cooking to sharing the techniques to chop, grind, slice and pound, your half a day will be spent in a fruitful way. Besides learning skills to cook local/Malay cuisine from Nazlina, you’ll also get to know the cultural and historical background of some food. The RM135 class fee spent is definitely well worth it.

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  1. Andreas Nowara says:

    I am a Chef from USA interested in learning some Malay dishes and techniques. I will be in Penang (Georgetown ) arriving 10/23 Wed. afternoon , and leaving on Sun 10/27 morning. Do you have any cooking classes or even a private tutoring available during this time? Thank you for your consideration.

    • Nazlina says:

      Hi Andreas,

      I have a class scheduled on Fri morning 25th October 2013.
      Meet at the corner of Campbell and Carnarvon street at 7.30 am.


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