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Batu Feringgi Beach
Golden Sands Resort, Batu Ferringhi, Penang Island, Pinang / Penang 11100

Adventure Zone is a family entertainment venue specially designed for children. This comprehensive indoor facility is built in 10,300sq.ft of area consisting of lots of activities. Adults can join in the fun for some activities too. The full facility is air-conditioned and includes exciting drop slides, game zones, birthday party rooms and modular play equipments. You and your family are guaranteed to have a great time together once you are into the adventure zone.

The Electrifying Drop Slides

Adventure zone has slides of different types based on the length and height. If you are of the opinion that these slides are only for children and adults will make a fun of themselves trying to slide on one of these, then you are totally wrong. The most challenging slide is the vertical drop which is nearly two storeys in height and definitely feels scary sitting at the top of the slide. That is why it is named the Demon Drop slide.

Awaken the Playful Side of the Children

The children’s play area consists of different play modules like pull up ramp, padded corner climber, ladder climb, swinging steps, tube crawl and many more. It is rare for our children in this generation to have a chance to climb the tree. Even if it does, the parents are so protective that such activities are usually prohibited. A lot of the children are deprived of their playful nature so let the Adventure Zone awakes their innocence within.

Located inside Golden Sands Resort, Adventure Zone is the perfect place where you and your family can spend a great time enjoying, laughing and screaming. If you feel the need to take a break then you can sit down at the cafe close to the slides and enjoy your coffee while watching the children play along.

For the resort residents, a 2-hour session for children costs RM20 whereas a half day package is available at RM40. If you are not staying at the resort then you need to shell out RM30 for every two hour session for the children. Adults are not required to pay any charges with paying children.

The Adventure Zone remains open from 10a.m. to 7 p.m. and for every 6 children, one adult is required. There are a few important things to keep in mind though like socks need to be worn while on play equipments and long sleeved shirts are a must while using the slides. You are not allowed to use any swimming costumes or wet clothes within the play equipment area.

Adventure Zone is built with the child in mind. Your children will love it and leave this place with a good memory.

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  1. Henderson J says:

    We spent two hours there and it didn’t seem enough for kids. The slides were addictive and kids couldn’t have enough of them. Unfortunately the games room was closed and there was no Wii competition as in the program, but still the place is great.

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