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1E Jalan Sungai Kelian, 11200 Tanjong Bungah, Penang

Tel: +60 4 898 1890
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Penang is truly a land of abundance. This beautiful island is endowed with amazing beaches, lively cities, and of course a tantalizing spread of food and delicacies, which is enriched further with the influence of international culture and culinary. If you wish to try out something unique as part of your culinary adventure, Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar is something that you shouldn’t miss.

Vintage Bulgaria is a charming place where the Bulgarian cuisine combined with original Bulgarian wine or cold beer will give you the most warmth feelings. The first two things you’ll notice will be the nicely set tables with white tablecloths and the solid and engaging décor. The solid wood furniture together with typical Bulgarian theme and layout give the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner or a quite and genuine business lunch.

Diverse and Unique Dining Experience

Being the only Bulgarian restaurant in the South East Asia, Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar sets a high standard to promote and bring out its diverse and unique culture through Bulgarian delicacies. The realism of a typical Bulgarian dining ambience coupled with authentic Bulgarian cuisine is definitely worth exploring. As the saying goes, one great way to explore one’s culture is through its food, so we’ll be walking you through our exciting food hunting experience at Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar.

Signature Drinks

Before our meal, the waiter cordially invited us to try out the restaurant’s signature drinks, Pina Colada and Tequila Sun Rise. The light alcoholic Pina Colada was mixed using the original Malibu coconut rum instead of Bacardi. Well, that explains the refreshing taste! We also had our Tequila Sun Rise orange juice mixed with Tequila, the enticing fusion of fresh fruit and alcohol.

The restaurant is serving a wide array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Tequila Sunrise….RM21.2

Pina Colada….RM21.2

For starters, we were served with fresh Shopska salad and Orley Wraps. The delicious and light salad comprises of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, and feta cheese. The traditional dressing of the fresh salad made it extremely appetizing.

Shopska Salad….RM15.9

Next up, we had the traditional Bulgarian snack, Orley Wraps. This mouth-watering starter is made with grilled bacon wrapped together with moist and melting cheese. Both starters made it a perfect bridge for our appetite to welcome the sumptuous main course.

Orley Wrap….RM20.2
Main Course

Mr. Georgi, the owner of Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar recommended its pork specialties as the main course, so we gladly agreed. First up, we were served with the Bulgarian Sausage Platter. It is a plateful of classic grilled mince pork and beef, meatballs, sausages, and juicy pork meat. The meat was tender and succulent. On top of that, the appetite-stirring aroma of this sausage platter is surely going to make you fall in love instantly.

Sausage Platter….RM33.9

After the satisfying sausage platter, we finally had one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, the Crown Roast Pork. Stood about 1 foot tall and weight at a staggering 1.4kg, this roast pork is big enough for 2 persons or more. According to Georgi, Bulgarian’s culture emphasizes a wide selection of tasty grilled or roast meat and roast pork is a case in point. The pork ribs were carefully mixed with the special homemade barbeque sauce sided with creamy mashed potato. Both the dishes were delectable.

Crown Roast Pork….RM76.3

Lastly, our review ended with the tempting assortment of desserts. They were the smooth & creamy custard of Crème Brule, Chocolate Brownies, and Cheese Cake. All these were extremely appetizing and complementing our dining experience.

Crème Brule….RM17

Cheese Cake….RM17

Visitors to Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar are definitely going to find yourself a great array of Bulgarian delicacies. For a food connoisseurs, this is certainly a place that you must visit. The restaurant is not only a great dining place, it is also perfect destination for any gatherings as it has a bar area, which can be booked for private functions.

Interview with Silviya, co-owner of Vintage Bulgarian Restaurant
Q1. What inspires you to open a Bulgarian cafe in Penang?

Silviya: I’m married to a Penagite, enjoy food, and entertaining. So Vintage Bulgaria combines all three!

Q2. Most of the items in the food menu contain meat as the main course. Would you be coming out with vegetarian recipes in order to cater to vegans and the increasingly health conscious people?

Silviya: Our passion at Vintage Bulgaria is to provide our diners with a Bulgarian culinary experience, so the menu will always reflect traditional ingredients. If we were to change to use different ingredients we would no longer be Vintage Bulgaria.

Q3. Vintage Bulgaria has been in business for about 7 years and the food quality has always been of high standard. What keeps you going in maintaining the standard?

Silviya: Any restaurant’s success is dependent on the quality of its food and to a lesser degree the ambiance. There can be no compromise in quality and this is embedded into the culture in the kitchen and serving staff.

Q4. Most of your staff has good understanding of the food items in the menu that include the ingredients used and how they are prepared. How are they trained?

Silviya: We ensure that our serving staff has an appreciation of what happens in the kitchen and how the food is prepared. Some of the serving staff has in fact worked in the kitchen previously.

Q5. Going forward, do you have any plans to take the restaurant to the next level?

Silviya: What is the next level? We are very happy with how our diners appreciate all our hard work and quality. Our plan is to maintain our high standards and not spoil it by expansion, which has been the death of many restaurants who have lost the focus on quality and service.

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