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250, Jalan Air Hitam, Georgetown, Penang Island, Pinang / Penang 10460

A 15-minute drive from the Penang Bridge to Air Itam road will lead you to the finest Anglo-Indian mansion that you wouldn’t believe it actually exists in Penang. Suffolk House was earlier owned by the founder of the British port settlement of Penang, Sir Francis Light before the Penang state government fully restored the building in 2007. Now, the building has become a heritage building where it is opened to the public to visit.

Many people would be taken aback by the fact that this heritage building does not only serve as an exhibition place, it also offers the public to hold any ceremonies, concerts, business meetings and conferences.

Not only that, there is also a fine dining restaurant located in the building. According to the owner, Mr. Yeoh, the restaurant has been operating for almost 6 years and has received several prestigious awards and recognitions. The classical yet modern setting of the restaurant makes it both a perfect place for a relaxing high tea session or a romantic dinner with your loved one.

Suffolk House Signature Dishes

We were extremely fortunate to be able to try out few signature dishes offered by the restaurant. We were first served with Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Roulade and Truffle Chicken Terrine as the starter.

Good things come in small packages they say. And sure it does! This smoked salmon was rolled into a ball with cream cheese enclosed within. The salmon was slightly chewy and moist, but it didn’t taste fishy at all. One can instantly feel the freshness of the meat after the first bite. It was utterly scrumptious.

Smoked Salmon and Cheese Roulade….RM36+

Moving on to Truffle Chicken Terrine, the chicken meat was juicy and tender. At first bite, it tasted slightly bland and unseasoned but this taste slowly turned into a fresh and reviving feel in the mouth.

Truffle Chicken Terrine….RM40+

Next, we had 2 bowl of simmering soups served to us. The first one was Suffolk House most famous Wild Mushroom Soup then followed by Creamy New England Seafood Chowder.

The pleasant aroma of the mushroom soup wafting through our nose and then filled the room with a heavenly mushroom scent. The taste was superb and the soft mushroom crumbs slowly melted in our tongue.

Wild Mushroom Soup….RM20+

If you’re a fan of seafood soup, then this is definitely for you. Creamy New England Seafood Chowder, as its name suggests, is creamy and thick. Cooked together with fresh seafood, this creamy soup tasted slightly brackish due to the fresh seafood ingredients used in preparing it. Nevertheless, it still makes a perfect creamy seafood soup for everyone.

Creamy New England Seafood Chowder….RM26+

Next up, we finally had our main course served to us (the moment that we’ve been waiting for!). They are Cured & Grilled Salmon Fillet and Braised Lamb Shank. Both of the dishes looked extremely appealing and appetizing.

Cured & Grilled Salmon Fillet was the most stunning piece of fillet I’ve ever seen. The succulent meat was so delicate and light that it took our taste bud to the next level. Coated with Hoseradish Oil coupled with Potato & Wild Tomato Chutney, the savory fillet struck a perfect balance of taste and flavors.

Cured & Grilled Salmon Fillet ….RM64+

At first glance, we were convinced that we wouldn’t be able to finish this big portion of lamb shank. True enough, our appetite weren’t big enough to finish it. Covered with pesto sauce, the juicy and luscious braised lamb shank was highly pleasing to our taste buds. Not only that, it also came with the smooth, creamy pommes puree served alongside with the main course.

Braised Lamb Shank….RM65+

Finally, we had our dessert served. By this time, you could probably tell that our stomach could no longer hold any more food. But we could not resist the highly tempting Lemongrass Pannacotta and Burnt Honey Parfait. We don’t wish to exaggerate, but they were really delicious.

Lemongrass Pannacotta….RM28+

Burnt Honey Parfait….RM32+
Interview with Mr. Yeoh, Owner of Suffolk House
Q1. There are quite a number of fine dining restaurants in Penang. What makes Suffolk House stand out from the rest?

Mr. Yeoh: The history of Suffolk House is unique which no other restaurant can rival. When dining in Suffolk House one is transported back to the Francis Light era which is a big part of Penang’s history. The grounds and gardens with its giant raintrees is a rare feature in this modern day especially around the vicinity of the city.

Q2. What is the profile of your customers? Mostly local or international patrons?

Mr. Yeoh: We have a good mix of local, expatriates as well as tourists both local and international customers.

Q3. What are the steps taken to ensure the food is always in good quality?

Mr. Yeoh: We use fresh ingredients and supervise the kitchen crew closely.

Q4. Most of your staff has good understanding of the food items in the menu that include the ingredients used and how they are prepared. How are they trained?

Mr. Yeoh: Each time there is a new dish being introduced we will let the staff try the taste and the chef will explain how it’s prepared and what goes in it.

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