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71 & 73, Noordin Street, Heritage City of Georgetown, 10300 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 604-262 7173 Fax: 604-2627172
Email: [email protected]

Located on one of the busiest streets in Penang, Noor & Dean’s Kafe is a bistro styled café that offers its visitors some of the finest fusion cuisine in Malaysia. Malaysia’s potpourri of cultures has resulted in a wide variety of cooking styles and fabulous dishes. Mr. Munesh, the owner of Noor & Dean’s Kafe is passionate about bringing together the different kind of sumptuous dishes and makes its restaurant a one-stop destination to savour irresistible variety of the local delicacies.

The award-winning Noordin Street House is determined to serve its visitors with only the best fusion of local food from various communities, such as the Malay, Chinese, Indian, and the Baba and Nyonya. Think you’ve tasted all kind of Malaysian foods? Well, think again as we’re about to show you a different kind of food fusion that will surely fulfill your discerning palate.

Refreshing Drinks

We ordered the thirst-quenching Mango Frappes and Cool Mint & Lime Fritz. Mixing fresh orange and lime juice together with mango blended, Mango Frappes delivers a sweet and satisfying flavor. The mixture of the fresh juice into the mango blended enhances its exquisite taste. On the other hand, the Cool Mint & Lime Fritz is a reviving soda that calms and chills our body. Nothing beats these two refreshing drinks at hand after walking for few hours under the scorching sun.

Mango Frappes….RM14.00

Cool Mint & Lime Fritz….RM12
Caramel Macchiato

The Caramel Macchiato was good. I was satisfied by the drink. The froth was thin and rather smooth, making it great for the lips. The taste was balanced, having a thin taste of coffee and milk blended together. The caramel blended nicely with the drips of espresso and the hot milk, something I would enjoy drinking again if I visited agian.

Caramel Macchiato

As usual, before starting our main course, we will be nibbling with some starter or appetizer. Unlike other restaurants, Noor & Dean’s Kafe doesn’t just serve you the conventional starter, because they serve a plateful of local delicacies with a little twist. Noor & Dean’s Platter is a combination of calamari, bread pakora, cucur udang, and chicken wings. Not only it serves to fulfill your appetite with satisfaction, it also showcases a great variety of Malaysia food combined together.

Noor & Dean’s Platter….RM35
Main Course

Moving forward to the mains, we had two different kinds of noodles and pasta. First, it was the Thai Laksa and followed by Shish Kebab & Pasta fusion.

This time around, we were again impressed and awed away with the preparation of the food. Never before have we had a green noodles cooked as laksa and served in spicy and rich coconut milk based broth. Unlike the usual sweet-sour laksa that you can find on the street, Thai Laksa is actually spicier and less tangy. The serving was very generous and it’s enough for 2 persons. And if you love hot and spicy food, Thai Laksa will definitely delight your taste buds.

Thai Laksa….RM16

Next, Shish Kebab & Pasta is no ordinary spaghetti because this fusion is going to leave you drooling. Kebab and pasta fusion is a perfect combination between the western and eastern. Not only the name sounds great, this fusion actually complements each other very well. Grilled on a skewer and placed it on top of the spaghetti, the meat was juicy and succulent with some herbal aroma. The fusion was delectable when consumed together, and it will surely make you ask for more.

Shish Kebab & Pasta Fusion….RM16

After that, we were served with the Grilled Catch of The Day. The fish is grilled and accompanied with the mustard grilled sauce served with vegetable and mashed potato. The fish was very fresh and well cooked. On top of its fine quality, the condiment just makes it even better and flavorful.

Grilled Catch of The Day….RM28

Lastly, Mr. Munesh cordially invited us to try out the desserts despite our stomach had been fully “utilized”. He introduced us the restaurant’s most famous Pandan Sago Gula Melaka and Sizzling Almond Cake.

Craving for gula Melaka (palm sugar)? Well, the one served here is equally delicious. Next, the Sizzling Almond Cake was an eye-opener as the Swiss almond cake is served together with vanilla ice cream on a hot plate! It was a little bizarre at first thought, but the combination turned out to be quite delicious. As if the melting ice cream turned into a tasty vanilla “sauce” for the hot almond cake.

Pandan Sago Gula Melaka….RM6

Sizzling Almond Cake….RM12

The cake of the day was Tiramisu and it came in a cup. The whip cream with a thin layer of coffee sprinkle looked charming, making it inviting for the customer. The chocolate Tiramisu was delicious. The cake was moist and fresh, having a distinct flavor which embeds nicely on your tongue. The rich texture just melts on your tongue, spreading throughout the entire mouth.

Chocolate Tiramisu

All in all, Noor Dean’s Kafe at Noordin Street House is definitely a great place to visit. It has endless variety of Malaysian street food for adventurous food hunters and sumptuous gourmet delights for food connoisseurs like you. We had a great dining experience over there. The staffs were very friendly and the ambience gave us a little nostalgic feeling. If you wish to explore more on the special kind of fusion between the eastern and western, Noor Dean’s Kafe will definitely meet your expectation.

Interview with Munish, owner of Noor & Dean’s Kafe
Q1. How would you position Noor & Dean in the catering industry in Penang? Asian delicacies?

Munish: We are new addition to the Georgetown booming cafe industry, only 19 months old. For a period of short span of time, our positioning is respectable, being acknowledged as the Best Restaurant Winner in Tripadvisor whilst maintaining our ranking as Top 5 in Georgetown. These is a true recognition from our customers review based on quality, service, food and ambience.

Q2. What is the profile of your customers? Mostly local or international patrons?

Munish: Our customers are balanced. We have local and foreign customers.

Q3. What is the rate of your repeated customers?

Munish: We have repeated customers and mostly return to do private event with us especially birthday functions, company dinners etc. The repeated customers make us strive even harder to ensure they keep on supporting us.

Q4. You are regularly researching and adding new items to your menu. How do you balance the food quality?

Munish: The basis of success of any restaurant is the food and also to ensure the quality is never compromised. Due to this challenging times with food costs hiking up with the introduction of GST, every business owner will try to optimise their profit by lowering the food cost. Hence, the quality will inevidently be compromised but this never been the case with us. We cannot lose our customers and position in the market to maintain our profit.

Q5. Having good service is one of the keys to get the customers to keep coming back. How do you engage them?

Munish: We believe in valuing each and every customer.‎ Our service staffs are trained with the knowledge of food and beverage we serve. Any addition to menu, the staffs will be involved in the food tasting to ensure they are equipped with 1st hand knowledge of the food. Secondly, the chefs/bartender will provide full description required for the food and beverage. These entails confidence to our customers.

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