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No 5, Gat Lebuh China, Penang Malaysia

Operating hour: 9am-8pm. Closed on Monday

Tel: 04-2610625, 012-4721122

Coffee Lane is a fine cafe and the coffee is marvelous. There is a reasonable selection of beans freshly roasted and skilfully prepared with a good espresso machine. Enjoy yourself with a smooth Colombian, Mandheling, a Chagga or a real Blue Mountain here.

Established in 2009, Coffee Lane was previously located at King Street Penang. In 2014, Mr Terry Beh, the founder of Coffee Lane decided to move his cafe to China Street with the invitation by one of his regular customers, the owner of The Eighty Eight Restaurant, to create a place where fine food and good coffee come together.

A Coffee Enthusiast

Terry used to hopping around Penang to seek good coffee before he started up Coffee Lane. He was so obsessed with coffee that he sometimes traveled out of Malaysia just to look for good coffee. According to him, he had tried at least 1000 types of coffee.

After some times, the idea of starting up a café that provides pure and nice coffee comes to his mind. Having visited several coffee bean processing factories to seek for his ideal coffee beans that reached his expectation, in year 2009, he finally found the right formula and Coffee Lane was borne.

It is an enjoyable time spending in Coffee Lane as you are able to taste the real coffee. Each type of coffee bean creates different taste with different method. You are always welcomed to have a coffee tasting session with Terry.

We believe Coffee Lane Penang is one of the precious café that provide quality high-end coffee and every cup of coffee served in Coffee Lane will not disappoint coffee lovers.

Price range
Coffee RM7-RM50
Non-coffee RM8-RM13

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