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106 Lebuh Campbell, Georgetown, Penang 10100

The rooms in Campbell House are luxurious and the service is exemplary. The cooling ginger tea in the fridge each day is a lovely surprise. There are a few details that makes this hotel a very special place: your luggage is pulled up to the upper floors with the help of a rope and pulley; there is a lovely lounge on the first floor with books and DVD’s to borrow and a rooftop terrace where you can relax.

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  1. Boon Wen says:

    We were invited on a wedding in Penang so we booked 3 rooms for a night stay. Upon booking we asked the staff by phone if we can make some photos in their hotel common area; the staff said ‘yes’. When we were there on the date, the owner told us that their hotel policy do not let us do the shooting. It was a big disappoint for us!

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