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Best of 2015

Penang Hill

Penang Hill has a height of 2,750 foots. It has a funicular railway that will take you to the top. Before boarding the train you will receive a map with a checklist of things to spot ... Read More


Kapitan Keling Mosque

Te most interesting and devoted information about Kapitan Keling Mosque is the fact that all shops and banks are closed between noon and 1pm and employees are heading to it to pray. Ladies will have to ... Read More


Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Temple

Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Temple is also called Tannirmalai (waterfall). “Every good journey begins with first step” – the inscription you will see at the first stairs. There is a different staircase to go down. The temple itself is ... Read More


Queen Street

Queen Street represents a few little streets that are ideal for walking. Allow yourself to meander through the side streets since there is so much to see and experience. Bring a camera with lots of space ... Read More


Penang State Museum

The only place in entire Penang that tells and shows the city’s history and traditions is Penang State Museum. There are two floors. First floor houses a big and chronological collection of different historical relics about ... Read More

Best of 2015

The House of Yeap Chor Ee

The House of Yeap Chor Ee was originally the home of this Grand Old Man, now is being turned into a museum and managed by his descendants. Apart from showcasing the collection of delicate antiques, this ... Read More


Han Jiang Ancestral Temple

Built in 1870 and previously known as Teochew Kongsi, Han Jiang Teochew Temple is the community temple of Penang Teochew Association which was form in 1855 by six Teochew migrants. The associations acts as a safe ... Read More


Penang Botanical Gardens

Enjoy the greenery and huge outdoor space of Penang Botanical Gardens; a fine respite from the crowded city. It’s free admission and the price doesn’t get much better than that. The most entertaining are the monkeys, who ... Read More

.Best Value!

Street Art in Georgetown

Certain old buildings in Georgetown have been given a new lease of life when funny and fascinating graffiti art is painted beautifully on the walls. The mass of the artwork can be found along Armenian Street, ... Read More


Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple is a small and positive Hindu holy place. Before entering this temple you must wash your feet and hands. It is interesting and auspicious to move around the temple clockwise. There is no ... Read More

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