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Yeng Keng Café

Yeng Keng is a special Chinese cafe. The high quality of the food is something to talk about. The spring


Ecco is a small pizza – pasta parlor in the heart of George Town which provides excellent eponymous fare at

Ingolf’s Kneipe

Ingolf’s Kneipe is a little eating place in Georgetown. Kneipe is a German word that means pub. If you want

Mizi Bistro

The Malaysian food is always tasty and the portions are generous so there is always take away for lunch the

Myarte Café

This lovely little cafe is a hidden gem in Penang. It is ruled by a very sweet couple. They offer


There is one Lebanese restaurant in Batu Ferringhi that offers original Arabic food in a special ambiance. Each dish is

JenxDan Lifestyle

They serve fusion with excellent western foods like up to 8 types of Pasta and also some Asian delights. The

Happy Garden

Although initially the restaurant looks a little primitive, you will be delighted by the lovely hostess and they will recommend

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