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Best of 2015

41 Living Story

41 Living Story is located in the area of Love Lane and is primarily a souvenir shop where visitors can see toys, knick knacks, colourful cards, posters and many more. Actually this place was previously inhabited ... Read More


The Canteen at ChinaHouse

The Canteen is situated in Georgetown and is a hereditary spot of Penang. It is a bar serving local food dishes and drinks to the customers. It is mainly known for offering live musical performance to ... Read More

Zoo / Sanctuary

Penang National Park

It is recommended visiting Penang National Park in early mornings, as it is not too hot. It opens at 7.30 am. You have to travel only 10 min. by bus from Batu Ferringhi. There are a ... Read More



Penang PAC was established in the year of 2011 as a non-profitable organisation to amuse both local residents and foreigners with live theatrical performances depicting the cultural lineage of the island. It consists of two galleries, ... Read More


Huang Chen Hao Tea Art Imp & Exp Sdn Bhd

Huang Chen Hao Tea Art offers a variety of tea selection and tea accessories among others pure tea, oolong tea, green tea, rock tea and a wide range of hand crafted tea accessories. They provide traditional ... Read More


Penang Longest Trail

Penang Longest Trail is a 10.8 km journey. The chartered bus will drop you at Chin Farm. You will walk along the road into the jungle. Then you will pass a small Batu Ferringhi waterfall; there ... Read More


Thin Seng Sauce Factory

Thin Seng Sauce Factory is an impressive sauce tour. The guide will explain to you the process of making every sauce. You can try and buy any sauce you want. The most famous is soy sauce. ... Read More


Gurney Paragon Shopping Mall

Gurney Paragon is a nine storey luxurious shopping mall. This mall is located in Penang and consists of more than 30 restaurants and 40 fashionable boutiques. It has been constructed around the chapel of St. Novitiate ... Read More


Bora Bora by Sunset

Bora Bora by Sunset is an amazing and original beachfront café hidden away behind the markets. Lovely setting and nicely decorated with fairy lights. It looks magical. The staff is fantastic and the service very fast. ... Read More

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