Find Batu Ferringhi's

Malaysian Kitchen

Malaysian Kitchen is an Indian, Chinese and Western cuisines restaurant. It’s sunshine – Tina, the owner is very special. You

Enca Café

If you want American breakfast and Indian, Italian or Chinese lunch or dinner then Enca Café is for you. It’s

Golden River

This restaurant is on a side street opposite the Golden Sands. This is one of Batu Fenrangi’s best kept secrets.

The Bungalow

The Bungalow is a lovely restaurant that is a part of the Lone Pine Hotel. It provides a relaxing environment

Jewel of the North

Jewel of the North restaurant serves delicious northern Indian cuisine, as well as Chinese, Western, Malay and Thai cuisines. As

Ferringhi Food Garden

If you want to understand Malaysian traditions you must start with its kitchen. Ferringhi Food Garden is a place in


Food has excellent quality with a vast selection of the buffet “138 choices “also “a la carte” clean table linen,

Magic 1

Just go and have an evening wide choice of meals and friendly staff. Two can eat with a good meal

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